IE511: Integer Programming (Spring 2024)

Instructor: Dr. Yatharth Dubey

Times: Lecture - Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-10:50am CT; Office Hours - by appointment (email)

Location: 206 Transportation Building

Course Description: The course will provide a comprehensive treatment of integer optimization including theory, algorithms and applications at the introductory graduate level. Some specific topics to be covered are: integer programming models, linear inequalities and polyhedra, perfect formulations, cutting planes, branch-and-bound, reformulations and relaxations. 

Textbooks (recommended): Integer Programming by Conforti, Cornuéjols, Zambelli; Integer Programming by Wolsey; Theory of Linear and Integer Programming by Schrijver

Prerequisites: Mathematical maturity at the level of a beginning graduate student (ability to understand and write proofs) will be assumed. Familiarity with reading and writing mathematical proofs (e.g., proofs by induction and contradiction) and basic knowledge in linear algebra are required. Prior coursework in linear programming is highly recommended and exposure to basic combinatorics will be helpful.

Grading Policy: 60% homework; 40% exams

UIUC Academic Integrity Policy: Please see this link